Joy Ryder


NEAR EAR BAND: Vocals, Harmonies

As a singer and song stylist, Joy Ryder has many shiny facets. Travelling from Rhytmn & Blues through Rock and Jazz with a stopover at New Wave and Punk along the way, Joy Ryder manages to continually re-invent herself while not at the sacrifice of her core nucleus which continues to be true to character.

Joy, with Avis Davis, wrote and performed "No More Nukes", an Anti-Nuclear rock anthem at a rally/concert at Battery Park, NYC featuring Jane Fonda, Doobie Brothers, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne and attended by 360,000. Joy's performance was included in the Warner Brothers feature film "No Nukes (The MUSE Concerts)." Joy also appeared in the Tony Bennett TV Special.

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