Mark Pines


Mark Pines created the Near Ear while riding his bike in New York City. Having to keep a sharp eye out for cars and pedestrians, Mark also noticed people talking on cell phones in crowds and traffic. He saw how they often placed themselves needlessly in danger by blocking out their surroundings. By using their cell phone on the ear facing oncoming traffic, they were limiting their ability to hear and see vehicles heading their way. Pines named the ear facing oncoming traffic the Near Ear. Keeping the Near Ear open gives a cell phone user full sound and vision of traffic.

So Mark has designed the Near Ear Forum for Cell Phone Safety to present a simple but effective safety proceedure and to provide a plan to incorporate this proceedure into the lifestyle of the urban cell phone user.

Mark used every aspect of his diverse multi-media background to build the Near Ear Forum:

. . . . . . . . . as VIDEOGRAPHER, Mark has worked with musicians from Rolling Stones and Sex Pistols to
Vladimir Horowitz, from designers JPG, D&G to actor Martin Sheen. (

For the Near Ear Forum, Pines storyboarded, directed, shot and edited the "Cell Phone" Music Video.

. . . . . . . . . as a MUSICIAN, Pines played guitar for Ray Manzarek (of The Doors) and was in a band that opened for The Cream, Joni Mitchell and The Grateful Dead (MORE INFO)

For the Near Ear Forum, Pines composed Music & Lyrics for the "Cell Phone" song and assembled the Near Ear Band to record it.

. . . . . . . . . WEBSITE/DVD - Pines built the website Ronnie Wood Art & Music where he serves as Webmaster and sells art and Music by Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones.Ronnie Wood. He has also designed corporate websites such as Bossert & Company. He has authored DVDs for celebrities including George Plimpton as well as numerous exhibits and seminars.(MORE INFO)

For the Near Ear Forum, Pines designed and built websites at,,, and as well as authoring the Near Ear Presentation DVD

. . . . . . . . . PRESS/PUBLICITY - Pines served as Music Critic for Variety Magazine and Concert/Record reviewer for CashBox Magazine. He was Production manager on ad campaigns for products including Good Seasons, Vaseline, Windsong by Prince Matchibelli for advertising agencies such as BBD&O, Young & Rubicam, Olgilvey & Mather (MORE INFO).

For the Near Ear Forum, Pines plans to customize the press & publicity packages from city to city as well as integrate them into a national campaign.

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